Debi M.

My family has been working on being green for years. We recycle weekly and use reusable shopping bags. My adult grandkids were taught early the importance of helping to keep our planet healthy and they still do it. Having a company like Planet Insiders creating good products such as these makes it all the more easy.

Peggy S.

I love these produce bags! The sizes are great! I store them all in the largest bag and just grab them when I go to the grocery store. I love not having to use plastic bags any more. They did great in the washing machine and dried very quickly. I wish I had bought these a long time ago!

Esther C.

I'm really happy with these reusable bags and most of all that I'm living more on the greener side and not wasting plastic bags. I bought three more sets as gifts and as our situation is, waiting to be able to give them. I really like the fact that they can be washed and reused. Anything to make this a better world, even if we start small.